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About Us

The Hair and Beauty Register: Best hairdressers and salons anywhere in the UK!

No matter what business you have or what business you are looking for in the hair and beauty services industry, The Hair and Beauty Register is your perfect destination. We have been one of the most reputed and popular online directories for hair and beauty services in the UK, offering the required references for several years.

Through years of experience and expertise, we try to make our platform optimised for the benefits of businesses and customers. When you search for a hair salon or hairdresser at your preferred location, on our search bar, we try to find the best match based on your requirements and locations. Starting from hairdressers, hair salons and beauticians to local and national beauty salons and all other associated hair and beauty services, service providers can be easily found simply by typing your needs on our search bar.

We have a highly filtered list of businesses that provide genuine and reliable services. Weunderstand the importance of qualified, efficient and reliable professionals, especially in this industry. Through our quality checks and improved filtering, we ensure that our listing is 100% original and you find the best and most reliable services based on your preferences. Whether you are looking for a local hairdresser or a national beauty salon in the UK, at any preferred location, The Hair and Beauty Register is your perfect stop.

Contact us if you face any inconveniences or issues while looking for the best hairdressers and hair salons or beauticians in the UK.

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The field of hair and beauty services is extremely versatile and dynamic and every day the demands and specifications of people change. Every day thousands of people browse through the Internet, looking for reliable hair salons and beauticians. Can you imagine what would happen if all these people could check out your business when they make this search? Well, we can make it possible for you through our web directory platform. The Hair and Beauty Register is one of the largest web directories for hair and beauty salons and is the most popular and preferred platform for people who look for such services in the UK.

Through our platform, you can effectively reach out to customers looking for services you or your business provides. The optimal match feature of our search console makes the chances of lead conversion more viable by enhancing your business’ visibility to several potential customers. We have been known for providing the most efficient and reliable platform to look for hair and beauty services, which has made us one of the top web directories for referring to hair and beauty salons in the UK.

No matter what kind of services you provide, we help you connect with the customers who are looking for those services either in the local area or anywhere in the UK. The icing on the cake is that we provide a completely free listing facility for all hair and beauty service providers on our platform. You can also choose our premium package to enhance your customer reach, visibility and online customer engagement.

Our reviews and ratings system not only help in the promotion of a business but also increases the business’ reliability and improves its reputation in the market. Choose the Hair and Beauty Register to grow your business!

We provide complete and comprehensive support to help you register your business with us, whenever you want. If you want to register on our platform for the best results and increased revenue, contact us right now and we will get on from there! Whether you want local reach or a national visibility of your hair and beauty business, we can provide you the perfect platform for the same.


1. What kind of information is required to be submitted for listing?

To list your business with us, you need to submit the business contact details, detailed addresses, service descriptions, categories of services, hours of operation, methods of payment, customer reviews, offer/s (if any), as many as four logos of the business and photos of the business site.

2. Can I reply to queries and reviews?

Every time there is a query or review made on your business, you will receive an automated mail from our side. It will take you to the reply section where you can respond to the review or query posted.

3.Why should the businesses’ information be updated on a regular basis?

Updating business information on a regular basis helps you keep a comprehensive track of the leads. If someone searches for hair salons and calls a number that is no longer in use, then you lose out a valuable lead which is not preferable for any business.

4. What makes The Hair and Beauty Register one of the leading directory websites?

We have 100% original listing. We review all businesses listed with us and only list the ones that provide genuine and quality services. Every listing is of premium quality with its individual page link or URL.

5. Who checks out the information?

Every day there are thousands of people on the internet searching for free hair and beauty services. They might well end up searching for your business on The Hair and Beauty Register.