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Why Do Popular Hairdressers In London Prefer Online Registers For Marketing Their Service?

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  • September 16th, 2020
  • Unitel Direct

Why Do Popular Hairdressers In London Prefer Online Registers For Marketing Their Service?

The pandemic outbreak has affected all spheres of the salon industry as it is a business that defies social distancing. Physical touch is an integral part of this industry and hairdressers in London cannot eliminate this. Though they are following strict guidelines set by the UK government – the business scale has been visibly impacted.

Beauticians in London are looking for new effective marketing procedures to increase their business growth. This involves modern and age-old techniques that have proved beneficial for most. The most compelling and cost-effective among all these is an online listing site.

An increasing number of hairdressers in London are taking up the services of business directories. What do these directories offer? From increased business reach to customer engagement – all such benefits are offered by these directories.

Here is a list of the benefits that you can enjoy with online listing sites:

Attract More Clients

To enjoy a thriving business, hairdressers in London need to retain a solid customer base. When the pandemic is shutting down hundreds of salons all over the nation, attracting new clients require thoughtful marketing that will prove fruitful in the long run.

Listing on a credible directory site, such as The Hair and Beauty Register allows you to be more visible online. This helps you to retain more clients and attract new ones as well.

  • E-Marketing

We are living in a digital era where everything is online. From marketing to selling – everything is possible online. As traditional marketing is slowly replaced by E-marketing, online registers are gaining tremendous popularity.

An online directory site is the reformed version of physical directories that took over the market once. This new method has eliminated the need to be physically involved in the marketing. Just focus on your website presence and grab the attention of local clients.

  • Targeted Audience

Every sector has a set customer base that is loyal to them. Online listing sites also help to better reach among the targeted audience.

Most of the directories offer location-based search options. We all know how annoying it is to get a recommendation for a Leeds-based salon sitting in your London apartment.

Listing sites allow you to search as per your location and get the best service-providers in the area.

  • More Word of Mouth

When everything is online, word of mouth is also getting a digital makeover. How? Through online reviews.

Every listing site offers a separate section to leave behind your thoughts on a particular hairdresser. The more positive reviews a salon gets, listing sites rank it better on their site. This in return also improves its overall ranks on different search engines, such as google, yahoo, Bing, Firefox.

  • More Options to Collaborate

A lot of salons collaborate with other salons to reach more clients. These collaborative programs benefit everyone who is involved.

However, choosing the best partners to collaborate with needs extensive research. With the directory sites, no need to look all over nearby areas for a suitable partner.

Just choose online!

As hairdressers in London can see who else has registered with the listing site from their location, they can easily choose from similar listings if local partnership is what they need.

  • More Online Visibility

Listing on web portals offers a salon a place online that improves its online presence and visibility. The more visible  a business is, the more visitors will come across it online.

It seriously improves the customer outreach for a beauty salon. If lack of business views concerns you, this can greatly help you.

  • Better Business Reputation

A solid business reputation can save you even during the toughest times. Just a little investment and quality services can protect a salon from facing a serious downfall.

Visitors turn into customers when your services are appreciated by others. From the review section, they get to know about your service quality and decide whether to choose you or not.

Getting enrolled in a business directory allows you to get genuine reviews and understand the areas where improvement is needed.

Final Thoughts

You will come across a wide array of marketing tactics all throughout your career. You just need to be mindful about which trend will benefit your business and which one is of no use to you.

If you actively offer your service in other counties in the UK, then you can add your business under that location as well. For example, hair salons in Bristol can submit the business under ‘Bristol’.

Choosing to register on a reputed directory site such as The Hair and Beauty Register can help you grow your business exponentially!